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Looking for Professional & Reliable Water Treatment Services in the Flower Mound, TX & DFW Metroplex Area?

When it comes to providing top-notch water treatment services, DFW Water Softeners comes second to none! Water is vital, and it’s used for bathing, cleaning, drinking, cooking, and many more reasons. When it comes to the water used for these purposes, you should expect nothing but pristine water. The water treatment services provided at DFW Water Softeners will ensure that you get filtered water that is going to take care of your health, faucets, and other appliances.

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Welcome to DFW Water Softeners, a locally owned and operated provider of water softener and purification systems offering comprehensive services around the Lake Dallas area. Roger Engbrock, the proud owner of DFW Water Softeners, worked for a lot of corporations right after college, and he wanted to start his own business and work for himself. Roger is a Class 3 Water Treatment Specialist licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


service water softeners

Water Softeners

Get residential and commercial soft water on demand with the use of Clack and CSI – HydroBlue Bluetooth Water Softeners. We provide systems in a variety of sizes to fit your residential and commercial needs.

service whole house water filters

Whole House Water Filters

Get clean and safer water for your home or business through the use of catalytic carbon media, UV lights, Big Blue 20” Heavy Duty series filters housing, and iron filters.

service reverse osmosis systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Remove virtually all contaminants with the use of this ultra-effective purification system. Our systems can treat anything from 40 to 400 gallons per day.

DFW Water Softeners, LLC proudly serves the Flower Mound, TX area including:

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DFW Water Softeners strives to provide you with the best water filtration and purification systems available on the market but also puts customers at the heart of everything. Call today at (469) 359-1525 to schedule your water softener, water filter, and reverse osmosis system installation and get free estimates!

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